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Add-on Upload of xml file


Well-known member
I am confused about one thing.
After upload files from MOD, is it essential to upload xml file to library folder and select file there (Install from file on server) or I could NOT upload xml file and select it from my computer hard drive.

I am asking this because if mod is installed from xml file from library folder, then after install, file is still there.
If I browse for xml file from my desktop, then it is not uploaded into library folder.

What in both cases happened if I uninstall MOD?
I know that I have to delete uploaded files of that MOD, but what about xml file if it was just browsed from my computer, not uploaded?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It makes no difference whether you install using an .xml file on your computer or server.

The .xml file is not required once the add-on has been installed.

When you uninstall, you must manually remove all of the files you uploaded from the server.