XF 1.2 Upload File is Not Working?


Need help. I just tried to upload file to my post but apparently it does not work. Below is the screenshot. I got no error message but every time I upload a picture or file it only gives me a long loading like what you see below.

I try to refresh the page, Log out and log in again try to upload picture but same problem. Very long loading.


I am expecting for this result after a few loading.


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Please try disabling the Flash uploader. Does it work then? If so, it may be something like mod_security interfering. This can potentially be disabled via .htaccess.


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It may be worth contacting your host. They should be able to identify why security rule is being triggered via their logs and tweak it.
I seem to still be having a similar problem, except it still happens even after disabling the uploader. Any suggestions? At present it seems i cannot upload any pictures directly and must use a 3rd party site to do so, unless the pictures are from an old camera.
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I have disabled flash uploader, changed minimum file sizes, removed any restrictions on dimensions...

The file uploads and shows just as a file in the upload in the attached files section, it will get to 100% and then nothing happens. It's not visible, if you try to create thread and leave the page there's nothing there, no picture, just an empty post?

This is bizarre, I can upload old images from a crappy camera and it will work so it must be some file issue, but I can't find any more settings to change?

Any help is appreciated...I am just using a regular nikon camera, .jpg files. Below is a screen shot of where the software basically freezes during upload.

upload image issues.png
Can someone from this forum, one of the moderators or techs tell me what settings you have here for your image uploads for your forum? It seems I can upload images to your forum, but not to mine.

Perhaps if i set my settings to the same level you have yours at then it might fix the issue.



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What do you have set for maximum file size and image dimensions?

On my own site I have it set to 2048 for file size (KB) and 3456 x 2304 for width and height.

Have you been able to upload the file in the screenshot above to this forum?
yes. I took one sample picture thatwould not upload to my forum, and it uploaded fine to this forum. I will try those setting you posted above to see if it changes anything...
still no go...seems to try to upload, gets to 100% and then stays there perpetually. it's bizarre...shouldn't it be resizing for me automatically? This forum does the way you guys have it set up here. Did you have to change something to achieve that?


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Does it work if you upload a small non-image file? If so, please disable the Flash uploader and disable JS entirely in your browser (temporarily, if possible). Then follow the upload process (which will behave differently now). If there's an error being triggered, this should show you.
This is an example of the error messages I am getting:

ErrorException: Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 95531056 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 28311553 bytes) - library/XenForo/Image/Gd.php:297
Generated By: Monday at 8:32 PM


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That's a bit different. Your server has restricted the memory usage below the default (around 91M vs default of 128M), so you won't be able to resize particularly large images. You may need to contact your host to increase it.

Otherwise, the only thing that can be done is to prevent that error. You can do this by inserting something like this into the library/config.php file:
$config['maxImageResizePixelCount'] = 14000000;
That represents the maximum number of pixels in an image before we just don't try to resize it due to memory issues. (The default is 20 million, which is 20 megapixels.)
Just a quick follow up question here, before I start looking into the server side of things...

If this error is due to my server, why is it my wordpress page allows me to upload these same pictures without any errors? (My WP site is on the same server...)
Ok, so looked into things with my server/host, they pointed out that this does happen on occassion with xenforo and that a quick google search would provide some examples of that. They then informed me that I need to contact you guys and work on getting a "php ini" file or something to that effect in order to fix this.

Should i be submitting a ticket to you guys for this?