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Upgrading php on Centos 6/7?

I started using CentOs a while ago, but it seems that the repository choses for more stable versions of programs. For example: I really wish to upgrade my php to at least version 5.5 so I can benefit from the opcode caching that comes with it (currently using a combination of php 5.3 and APC).

However when I try a yum update, there are no packages marked for update. I know CentOS backports critical bugfixes of more recent versions into their "old more stable branch", but the new features aren't present.
Does anyone know how I can upgrade to the latest version?
You need to use a different repository for more recent PHP files.

We are satisfied with Axivo:
Thanks for the quick reply. When I searched the internet, adding repo's seemed to help most people. Though I wasn't sure about the compatibility between let's say, using php from repo A, php-fpm from repo B, and php-mysqli from repo C. Are these supposed to integrate well into each other?
(Never ventured into adding multiple repo's on my OS, I try to teach myself linux :p)