XF 1.5 Upgrade to 1.5.9 broken avatar images


Hello, I UPGRADED Xenforo from 1.5.7 to 1.5.9 yesterday and now avatar images don’t show at all. Rebuild the outdated templates and no avail.
Any help how I could fix this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 12.01.55.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 13.36.04.png Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 13.38.25.png
Noting has changed here so it's unlikely to be directly related to the upgrade itself.

Looking at your site, the avatar URLs are hitting a 403 page.

First thing to check is that data and internal_data directories and all sub directories and files are both still set to be world writable, 0777.
Maybe you have downloaded the "FULL" package where you should have used the "UPDATE" package. If you upload the full package's files, the avatar directory will be overwritten.
777 or 755 - the same. It happened right after the upgrade, not a hosting issue and I am wondering what are my options now - a fresh install?
Could it be due to ownership?
That may tie up with the fact it happened after uploading the files.

You could try CHOWNing the files.
It happened right after the upgrade, not a hosting issue
My point is, that we've not changed anything in the XF code in 1.5.9 so if it's not file permissions, or ownership (as Brogan suggests above) then it is indeed a hosting issue. If your web server is suddenly preventing files to be served and issuing a 403 response, this isn't a code issue.

Hopefully the file ownership change will fix it if you haven't done that already.
Same issue happening to myself, wondering what cause this problem!!


My mistake, I over-write all the files even the data folder where the avatar are saved. That's leads to get broken Avatar since the data folder is empty now.
I would check if the avatar files are still there (on the server).

If yes: It is a server issue, talk with your host. They should be able to solve this issue.
If no: You mistakenly used the full package in your upload and overwrote (=deleted) your data directory with the avatars. You would have to restore from your backup.
It's not necessarily a given that overwriting a directory removes its contents. It depends on the FTP client and how it is configured.

As the server is returning a 403 rather than a 404 then it's more than likely just a permissions issue. That said, it could be permissions causing the 403 and the files aren't there, but the 403 would likely be the message you'd see in that case. Probably is worth checking the files are there as that is a more fundamental problem :)
Thank you, the issue is not solved, i UPGRADED, no overwritten files, all files are on the server and It’s a permission issue obviously that I have no idea how to fix. I can upload pictures but the moment they are up I get this when trying to open them. Rolled back folders and files permission to 7-5-5 - same story. I’m bummed...
You don't have permission to access /community/data/avatars/l/0/1.jpg on this server.
You don't have permission to access /community/data/attachments/4/4079-f1192a7e423841131fb51c2576ab3b9d.jpg on this server
I didn’t do CHOWN - Ownership SEEMS OK (THE SAME owner everywhere, not nobody or root)but I would try if you could give me some hints how to with Terminal (MacOSX). I can connect to server just need the exact command.
Thank you
At this point, you will likely need to have your host confirm specifically why the error is happening. They should be able to see more details and know the full settings of the server.

I'd note that when you access these files, XenForo isn't involved. It's entirely down to the web server reading the files directly from the file system.
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