upgrade stuck at step 6


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It is a new site so no traffic yet but I concerned that is not moving past this step. I even restarted the install to see if it would fix it and it did not.


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If it's a brand new site your setting up from scratch. It might be worth removing all files and upload again. Sometimes odd things happen when uploading files and if your site is a new install I would trying doing it all again from fresh. See if you have the same issue?

In fact, if you use cPanel I would upload the ZIP and extract it on the server using File Manager in cPanel. Rather than FTP files to server individually. Your much more prone to having a bad file upload using FTP, uploading all files individually because there are like nearly 3000 files in XenForo that can cock up.


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You should just be able to refresh at that step after a few minutes and move past it. If you absolutely can't get past it, submit a ticket with FTP and admin access details, and we'll look into it.