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Upgrade Reminder 0.1

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shawn submitted a new resource:

Upgrade Reminder (version 0.1) - Cron sends nightly emails to notify users their account upgrades will soon expire

XenForo doesn't send out reminders letting users know if their account upgrades are due for renewal. If you use the auto-renewal option, that's not a big deal.

This little add-on makes a cron job that sends an email letting users know their upgrade will be expiring in three days, and providing a link to the account upgrades page.

After install, double-check your cron schedule to make sure it runs at an appropriate time.

Couple of small issues:
The html version of the email isn't...
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Thanks - Installed yesterday, the UpgradeReminder folder needs to be under Library for it to install though :)
Oops. Sorry about that. I've moved everything into a library subfolder to make that more clear where everything is supposed to go. There aren't any changes to the core files.


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When I try to install it, it says "Please enter a valid callback method.". The folder is in the library directory. Is something wrong?



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I thought this was for another addon. I don't know for this one! I had another tab opened I thought you had replied to. Sorry dude!