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Account Upgrade Info - Groups for upgrades for users and admin, info above and below, phrases for upgrades

[Xencafe] User Account Upgrade Info

The add-on allows you to display a heading and a text as phrases above and below the list of user account upgrades for all created languages.

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The User Account Upgrades themselves can be divided into groups and each displayed with a heading. The heading is stored in phrases.

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Furthermore, you select the language for which you do not need phrases because the texts are stored in the upgrades...

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I have added the page faq;
just follow the steps and you will see the result.
The trick, i use here, is to use the value of the field display_order to start a new group.
Is it possible to include an option that enables users to upgrade their accounts through the use of discount codes?
This is app just shows your upgrades and puts text above, beneath and between your upgrades.
There is no new function/feature for your upgrades itself.

I guess there is at least one add-on to use coupons; try xen-soluce for example.

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