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Unmaintained Upgrade Reminder 0.1

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XenForo doesn't send out reminders letting users know if their account upgrades are due for renewal. If you use the auto-renewal option, that's not a big deal.

This little add-on makes a cron job that sends an email letting users know their upgrade will be expiring in three days and provides a link to the account upgrades page.

After install, double-check your cron schedule to make sure it runs at an appropriate time.

Couple of small issues:
  • The html version of the email isn't particularly "pretty". I don't care enough to fix it up, but you might.
  • XenForo won't let you renew an active upgrade. You have to wait until it expires. Nataan's "Advanced User Upgrades" will allow users to extend active upgrades. Other add-ons may offer similar functionality, but this is what I use. Alternatively, you could edit the date range in Model.php from =<3 and >2 to =<1, etc.
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Really should be part of the core of XenForo. Thanks.
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