[OzzModz] Activation Reminder & User Purger

[OzzModz] Activation Reminder & User Purger 2.0.0

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[OzzModz] Activation Reminder & User Purger - Automatically remind & remove inactive user registrations

Activation Reminder & User Purger
For larger forums, managing membership can be a daunting task. With Activation Reminder, automatically send an email to users who have registered but never activated their account after a set number of days. If they still don’t activate their account, utilize User Purger to clear them out automatically after a specific time, too!


  • Set the number of days to wait before sending another reminder to activate their user account...

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Sounds good.
But one question.
Inactive users are only users who did not activate their account?

Because i have a a user group where i put users in if they have not posted the last 90 days. This only revoke some rights at the forum. If they start posting again they leave this group.

I don't wanna purge this users.
Since this can happen over the time some email addresses of users become invalid.
Some users don't care about it, some even dont recognize it.
So bounced emails will set to a special status to update their address. Revoke also some rights at the forum till they update it.

What about this users? Will this users also be affected?
If they haven't confirmed their email after registration, they will be purged based on your settings.
Their emails has been confirmed long time ago.
But now adresses are not valid anymore.

So they are in the state of "Awaiting email confirmation (from edit)" or "Email invalid (bounced)"

Just wanna make sure that no old members are affected by this.
Only new registrations.
@Ozzy47 I realise you are really busy (and many thanks for re-releasing these!) - Just wondered if there was any chance of adding the ability to do exactly what this add-on does, however to also include for those users that havent logged on for x days ??

Ive been going since the early days of xf - just want to remove anyone who hasnt been on in the last 5 years etc

Many thanks!
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