XF 2.1 Upgrade problem

Tattooed Theist

Active member
Alright so I've been doing Xenforo upgrades pretty consistantly and I've never had this issue before.
The first image is the style newly imported, the second image is my previous style (same style, but customized)

What happened here? All the updates I've ever done I've never experienced this. It seems like the images aren't connecting?
I've tried to automatically merge outdated templates, after the merge is says successful but all the outdated templates remain in the list.

(the bottom shows more because i'm logged in as admin when i screen shot it, the above is after a history clearing showing as guest)



Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The issues are usually not insurmountable. As it's an off-the-shelf style, the style author(s) should be able to provide instructions/guidance on upgrading the style.