XF 1.5 Upgrade problem


For the first time i have problem with upgrades.

I was running 1.4.10 and like as many times upgraded files via FTP (FileZilla) and run upgrade processes, when processe is complete i just have blank white page!?


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Is this after the upgrade has completed and it said it completed successfully? Where do you get the blank page?
Yes, it was certainly a problem to FileZilla. Now I did rebuild masterdata forum (upload files once again over old one) and xenforo running smooth everything is OK.

Thanks for the tip, I will surely change FTP client.


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Never use FileZilla, it's terrible.

Use something like WinSCP instead.
Could you tell me how to change FTP client? I use FileZilla and I always encounter problems when I upgrade which I thought was down to my incompetence with these things, but maybe it's not all me...