XF 1.2 Upgrade issue for 1.2.2

I'm trying to upgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.2.2 and I'm experiencing an issue.

I uploaded all of the install files via ftp and went to the ACP to finish the installation, and I am coming across the Upgrade System Login screen. I keep putting in my information and it keeps taking me back to the login screen. Wtf am I doing wrong here?


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No need to bump the thread, as someone will usually get to your support request.

Does the account you are trying to log in with have permission to Upgrade the site?
I apologize for the bumping of the thread. I've been working on trying to do the backup and upgrade for over three hours now and it's driving me nuts how now that I have all of the files installed, I can't log in. I know I'm using the correct login information because it's the same I use for this site so I avoid confusion. And yes, I have access to this because I was the one who purchased the software and downloaded the upgrade file myself, to clarify things.

I've sent Brogan my login info but I will also send the info in the support ticket as well.


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As I understand it, you haven't uploaded (all) of the files to the correct location and it seems there are files and directories spread out all over the server, in the wrong place, etc.

How exactly are you uploading the files via FTP?
All you need to do is drag and drop the contents of the upload folder to your installation root, overwriting the existing files.

Based on what Mike has said, you may need to do a full audit and tidy up of your server files to remove any which have been uploaded to the wrong path, etc.
All you need to do is drag and drop the contents of the upload folder to your installation root, overwriting the existing files.
This is exactly as I've done, sans for the overwriting of files, as the FTP does not give a prompt.

I'm fully aware of needing to clean up the FTP; I've just not gotten a chance to do so yet. My main concern is just getting the forum back up. The upgrade was a complete accident. During an installation of an add-on, one of our files was somehow deleted (this happened once before where the whole forum file was deleted). To get the file back, I was suggested to download the xenforo file again and re-upload the file back into its place, which did allow the forum to work again, but then it made me proceed with the 1.2.2 upgrade, which I intended to do this weekend when I had more time.
Okay, I did as requested. I reuploaded the upgrade files and I'm still having this issue.

Should I just replace the forum file with the backup I created before the install?