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I started doing the update from 1.1 to 1.2 today on the development forum I use before doing it on my main one. Everything seemed to work fine other than a completely blank index.php (forum listing) page. I disabled, then completely uninstalled xenporta and it's tables but I still have a blank index.php. I did a file check, reverted all templates so no modifications are existing.

Any ideas ?



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Is there a blank index file in the root of your installation?

How did you perform the actual upgrade?


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I wish there was a index.html ... I looked a few times hoping that was the issue :) Since the Dev board was a few version 1.1 ... back, I did manual updates for each 1.1.2 thru 1.1.5 then did the 1.2 upgrade all the way to 1.2.2. Never got any errors during any of the upgrades, they went smooth, other than once I got to 1.2 .... the blank page started happening.


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I wasn't sure you could do all at once and just wanted to be safe.

I did read that post but it doesn't say anything specific about xenporta .... which I THINK is why this is happening. I thought by just uninstalling it, making sure all tables dropped, it would resolve my blank page. But no such luck yet.


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Another strange thing is this only happens when I make the board active. When it's inactive, you see the standard "forum is down" page ....