XF 1.5 Updating db on dev site


We're in the final stages of moving from VB4 across to XF. I have a dev site setup that has a database from October installed and we've had some members beta testing for us.

I'm looking at going live in the next few weeks but will need to update the db with a current version. Before doing this for real I would like to have a play on the dev site first.

Is there a simple way of updating/reinstalling the database without a fresh install?

Many thanks



Thanks for that. I'm going to need to check but I'm pretty sure a clean master version of the db wasn't backup. Is there away of deleting the data from the current one before running the import process again?


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I believe someone has posted all of the queries which need to be run manually against the database to delete the content and reset everything.

You may be able to find the post by searching this forum.

It's not an approach we recommend however.