XF 1.5 Migration from Dev Site Question

Semper Fidelis

Active member
I'm curious if this migration path would work:

1. Install Xenforo on a dev site: http://xf.mydomain.com
2. Lock down the vBulletin 4 site letting people know that I will be migrating.
3. Import vBulletin dB info into my new Xenforo site.
4. Customize
5. Move all the files from my vBulletin site at http://www.mydomain.com to http://www.mydomain.com/legacy
6. Copy all the files from xf.mydomain.com to www.domain.com so xenforo is in the main directory of my domain.
7. Edit the site details in my Xenforo settings so that it is no longer xf.mydomain.com but www.domain.com

I know there are other details but I want to see if I can basically just make a single admin change in the backend of Xenforo so that it will work provided all the paths to sub-folders are the same or are there artifacts in the dB that will still point to the dev subdomain?