XF 2.2 Updates since we upgraded XenForo.com

Having upgraded XenForo.com yesterday, we've fielded lots of feedback and implemented a fair few changes.

Here's a handful of things we've done in response to your feedback.

Editor styling​

We've removed the gradient entirely from the unfocused editor, and changed the styling when the editor is focused so that the background now gets lighter on focus, in order to give an editing background that is more like the final destination background.

XenForo 2.2 RTE unfocused​

rte unfocus.png

XenForo 2.2 RTE focused​

rte focus.png

We have also rolled out this change to all input fields across the entire system, changing from the approach we've used since XenForo 1.x, where the background would get darker on focus.

XenForo 1.x​


XenForo 2.1​


XenForo 2.2​


Question thread changes​

While reading comments yesterday, it dawned upon us that there are times where the person who asks a question may not always be the person best qualified to select the correct answer.

For example, the person who asks the question "How do I charge my iPhone?" can select the correct answer by virtue of having tried each of the suggested responses, and picking the one that achieved the goal stated.

However, the question "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" does not lend itself to having the solution selected by the questioner, as they may not actually be able to distinguish a correct answer from a false one, in which case solution selection should probably be left to staff, or a user group that is specially identified as being qualified to select correct solutions.

Therefore, we have now implemented a new permission forum.markSolution, which controls whether or not users can select solutions for their own questions. If they can't, then the only people who could mark a solution would be those with the forum moderator permission forum.markSolutionAnyThread. If they don't, then the concept of marked solutions for questions essentially disappears.


Article linking​

You may have noticed yesterday that clicking on an article link within an article forum would take you to the first page of the thread, showing the article and the first page of comments, even if the article was highlighted as having New responses.


We've now changed this behaviour to act more like normal threads, so clicking on an article that you have already read that has new responses will jump you directly to the replies you have yet to read.

Content vote arrows​

These have been subject to quite extensive bikeshedding, but we have implemented some styling changes in response to feedback and we are discussing additional modifications. Watch this space.


Article user info​

In response to feedback, we have changed the display of article user info somewhat:



And finally, we're busy responding to bugs identified by visitors and those that we notice ourselves.

We've fixed lots of defects in the editor UI, BB code mode, previewing and text handling, some errors with multi-quote and many more.

At this stage, we are rolling out fixes live to the site pretty much constantly, so don't be too suprised if you find that something you thought wasn't working properly appears to magically fix itself!

Until next time...​


Wildcat Media

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The unfocused/focused styling change makes sense. Many sites get it right but even today, so many get it wrong. (It gets to where you fill out a form and have no clue as to which field you are entering.)

Slight styling issue re: the toolbar:


I realize it's a single(?)-pixel border beneath the Preview button but, when expanding a "More options..." toolbar, it looks as though Preview's background is off by a pixel.

I wasn't sure whether to post it as a bug or a suggestion, or if I should just alter the style myself.

Removing the left and bottom borders does clean it up somewhat:


Or removing the borders and changing the background color subtly:



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Sorry if these have been asked before but:

1) Can you disable the bubble on each new line of the editor?
2) Can you convert an existing forum into a thread/category one? If yes, does it automatically take the first post and convert it into a thread?

Thanks in advance :)

edit: Ok I just realised that this category has been converted into a thread, which answers #2 :p


it's take 5 second to open this Article ( i have Good internet connection )
Google chrome 83.0.4103.116 Windows 10 ver 1709 language Arabic


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it's take 5 second to open this Article ( i have Good internet connection )
Google chrome 83.0.4103.116 Windows 10 ver 1709 language Arabic
I noticed too a bit of a delay after the upgrade. Maybe it's because caching is being cleared frequently due to changes.


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First time seeing this design I know this bug must be triggered when this quick reply has its user-avatar hidden.

i.e. mobile view or in my CSCN style. I may have to completely nuke these quick inserts to make sure the webpage style integrity won't get compromised.


For reference, here is what my CSCN Anniversary style (XF 2.1.x ver.) looks like in Quick Reply (aesthetically similar to vBulletin 3).
The new editor, though functionally great, looks too "vB5" and it seems that I have to take some time to suppress the color gradients (whether the editor is being focused).
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