XF 1.1 Before we upgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.3.3


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We're planning on finally upgrading from XenForo 1.1.2 to 1.3.3 this weekend.

We're going through Brogan's wonderful upgrade guide here but have a few specific questions:

(1) We've gone through our templates and saved the seven of them that we have modified so that we can make the same modifications after the 1.3.3 upgrade. I assume we're good here.

(2) I think we need to save our customizations to our Style Properties. Unlike the template changes which are in red, is there an easy way to tell which style properties have been customized. It appears that these settings will be lost after the upgrade, is that correct?

(3) We currently have the following mods installed which either we want to uninstall or will uninstall because it's no longer supported in 1.3.3. Does anyone know the queries in order to drop the applicable tables from our database for these mods?

- URLRewriter (no longer supported)
- Stop Forum Spam (no longer needed)
- Viglink (no longer supported)
- Limitsig (no longer needed)
- Login as User by Waindigo (no longer needed)
- ******* - Change Threads/Posts Owner 1.0.3 (has 1.2/1.3 bug)

If I missed anything major in order to save our customizations, please let me know. We just want to ensure that everything carries over during the upgrade. Better to be safe than sorry. We'll obviously have a backup of our 1.1.2 database if needed.

Steve F

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For 1 & 2 - Templates and Style Properties are NOT overwritten on upgrades. If you have customized areas in the default style or a style you installed they will not be overwritten, only the Master Style is overwritten on upgrade.

3. Uninstalling the add-ons should be fine, tables should be dropped if there are any when uninstaling the add-on.


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So we should be good to go with the upgrade, correct? We've already performed a complete backup of our 1.1.2 database.