Update to the latest jQuery version ?


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Hey all,

Currently working on my upcoming project.. Now i am using a custom front page and also going to be implementing several scripts / features into xf pages.. Now i need to use the latest version of jQuery for this.

Ive loaded this into the header template:
<script src='//localhost/expertpixels/assets/js/jquery-1.9.1.min.js'></script>
But have just noticed that there are now conflicts with a few things.. the dropdown menu when hovering over my username is now not functioning..

How would i go about updating the jQuery version without causing any issues ?

EDIT: So after further research it seems that XF relies on the older jquery version for some reason.. now I need to use a newer version of certain scripts i need to implement so i was wondering if it's possible to load the a newer version of jQuery on just my custom pages or use a no conflict statement or something.

Regards, Darren