Duplicate Update from dashboard?



This has been already suggested in 2010.

I've been using XenForo since 2012 and I've already lost count of how many times I had to login to customer area, download the upgrade package, upload the package and finally run /install. In 2012 this procedure was "ok" but in 2018 it is a missing feature and something that will certainly save us some time and it is a must-have feature for cases like the recent XSS affecting <2.0.9 where we should update asap.

Please note that I'm don't even mentioning automatic updates. I'm talking of triggered update via dashboard so the system does all the download + extract job and then just redirect to /install. The dashboard could save us from the prehistoric procedure described in the first paragraph.

P.S. I'm also a software developer (Chevereto) and I can't bear a good reason for not having this functionality.
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Chris D

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Automatic, or not, the thread you linked to is where we're tracking this suggestion, so this one is duplicative.