XF 1.2 Unsubscribe From Everything?


Hey Guys,
I've got an issue with XenForo sending mail to my users.

They can select "Do not receive admin Emails" but thread notification and PM emails are still sent.

How do I tell XenForo not to Email someone AT ALL. Like nothing.


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One way would be to hack the mail.php file. It's a simple hack, but you would need to apply it on every upgrade.


Thanks for all the replies, guys!

Looking at the Email template, I see this is the line doing the work:
'disable_all_link={xen:link canonical:watched/via-email, '', 'u={$receiver.user_id}', 'c={$receiver.email_confirm_key}', 'a=no_email'}',
I'm not sure how I would get the "email confirm key" outside of the email template, and I don't see where in the xf database is changed once this link is clicked.

I'd definitely want to setup a link I can send users (Unsubscribe from all email messages) that can be placed anywhere, including in their account settings.

Throw me another bone?