XF 1.4 Unregistered / Uncomfirmed Usergroup Used?


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I'm in the process of migrating my vBulletin install to Xenforo. I'm trying to get the usergroups set up correctly, to save headaches down the line. One thing I'm not entirely clear on.

- Is there any reason for a user to ever have "Unregistered / Unconfirmed" as a primary usergroup?

When I test-register, I see a new user is placed in "Registered" as the primary, and with the "Awaiting Email Confirmation" setting. If that's the case, I'll make sure my imports work out the same way. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.



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All registered members should always be in the Registered user group as the primary.

The user group is primarily used for guests.
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Note that when people have a user state other than valid, their groups/permissions are ignored and they implicitly receive the unregistered / unconfirmed permissions.