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Unread Threads Counter 1.0.1

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nice Add-on - i have made a litle change to the template unreadthreadcounter_sidebar

Replace the complete template with this:
<br />
<xen:if is="{$visitor.alerts_unread}">
    <dl class="pairsJustified">
        <dt>{xen:phrase unreadthreadcounter_unreadthreads}</dt>
        <dd><a href="{xen:link find-new/threads}"><span class="postItemCount alert">{$counter}</span></a></dd>
This will insert a line break bevor and display the unread counter number in a alert buble style - but only, wenn it gives unread threads, elsewhere it shows nothing.
So we have a alert that will be better seen and a cleaner layout whitout an actualy alert. :)

Tested on xenforo 1.4.5 with the latest version from this add-on.

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