unofficial chat channel of xenforo users


I was wondering if any active xenforo users would be inclined to gather and mingle at an unofficial Xenforo IRC channel?

I think this will proved to be useful as it will:
- move lots of short conversations posts to the chat channel instead
- allow ppl to get off-and-on topic
- allow ppl to engage in live conversation about the lawsuit and everything else
- help ppl be direct with one another
- create a positive and civil atmosphere.

Xenforo unofficial chat channel
Nickname: yourname (it is free and there is no signup required)
Channel: #xenforo (yes include the # symbol)

Banana Pup

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I am in process of starting my own network, would be great to have the xenforo channel there :) Would be happy to set up the channel and give select "well known members" channel OP

Adam Howard

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Can't say I would favor or use this. I'm more into keeping conversations on a community and not into a chat room.

But I wish you luck


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I see a bunch of freeloaders trying to get support through it, on top of that response time on the forums for support is ridiculously fast :).

Not that it's a bad idea, just might get used in the wrong way


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I appreciate the idea although I do guess forking xf discussions over multiple platforms would not help xenforo.


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#xenforo is open on, feel free to join. I'm always on #centos, #nginx and #naxsi channels.


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For developers, IRC is vital. You will be surprised how many brilliant minds are chatting daily on it.


"IRC is so 2000"

Oh yea I agree Brandon Sheley but Ive seen it having a big comeback to Video Game sites and other media sites. Heh... I remember back in 2001, before AOL messaging, us geeks used IRC. Fast forward to now and you will see lots of big communities, like Minecraft, utilizing a IRC channel now.


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The channel needs to be ##xenforo. Freenode policy is one # for official and 2 for unofficial.


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I idle on many IRC channels! Leave it alone!

It has also created business opportunities for me (which none have worked out D: ) as well from the people I meet.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We used to use IRC a hell of a lot.

Being a gaming community, it was sensible thing to have an IRC channel on

I think we still have, actually... probably #halflife2

However, being heavily focused around Half-Life 2 in the early days and now generally any Valve Software game/product our chat presence is all on Steam.

Still holds a special place in my heart.

/me slaps Robbo around a bit with a large trout