XF 1.4 Unformatted page on edit -> more options


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My mod caught a very weird reproducible error today. In one of our private mod forums, when we click to edit the first post in the thread, then click on "more options", this is the result:

Screenshot at Dec 30 13-47-16.png

Not knowing what to look for, I looked in Chrome's debugging tools, and this is the output:

Screenshot at Dec 30 13-46-17.png

This isn't a major error, but I thought it weird - is Chrome blocking the page from loading correctly because of an XSS Auditor?

I'm unable to duplicate this in any other thread except that one.


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What happens if you change the title of the thread to something completely different?
For example: "Test Title".
Changed the title to "test title", but no change. Works fine in Firefox, just not Chrome. Maybe something in the post text? There are 8 posts in the thread, and clicking "edit" then "more options" on any of them, results in the same issue.