Understanding the purchase process


I'm just trying to understand the purchasing process so i know what i get...

So i get my license for $140 for 1 year. I can add $40 for an additional Year if i choose too.
But if i purchase the Media Gallery($60) and Installation service($50), I would then HAVE to pay the additional $40 automatically?

**If you purchase any add-ons (such as XenForo Enhanced Search), their renewal costs will be automatically added as part of your XenForo license extension. For example, with the XenForo Enhanced search, a 1 year extension would be offered at $50 ($40 + $10). If you wish to renew your license without the add-on, the add-on can be cancelled by contacting us. However, to regain access to the add-on, you must purchase it again. **

And this Cost goes towards the FIRST year of purchase? 2nd year it would cost $15 to maintain the add-ons?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The original purchase of $140 includes 12 months of support and upgrades; therefore it wouldn't be necessary to purchase that additional 12 months until after the first 12 months is up.

You may also decide not to renew after that first 12 months. You can still use the software, but ticket support and upgrades won't be available until you renew for that additional 12 months.

The additional 12 months support and upgrades costs $40 or, if you also own the Gallery, it will be an additional $15 so a total of $55.