XF 2.2 Understanding redirects


Hi All,

I finished a test import and am playing around with some settings. Went from vb 4.2.5 to xf 2.2 keeping content ID's, and then also used the REdirect scripts.

anyway, here is an example thread from my existing vb4.2.5 forum:

And the xf 2.2 "test" forum's identical thread

Are the URL's supposed to be identical? I do have full friendly URL's selected on xenforo. I wasn't sure if they were supposed to match exactly.

I did try putting in
https://testforum.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/141879-Skiing-on-the-cheap-2019-2020 and it did redirect to the correct thread, so maybe that's just fine?
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Are the URL's supposed to be identical?
No, the URL structure is different.

If you retained content IDs then you don't actually need the script - you can use standard rewrite rules in .htacess.

The end result is the same though.

If the VB URL redirects to the correct XF URL then it's working.