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Partial fix Unable to Tag Users


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It seems when posting within the resource managers tabs (as the author) the @ function locates a member but fails to attach the applicable ID. In turn this just lists an @user_name without a link & those users are not alerted.

Was this by design?


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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the quick response. Is this something that you are able to duplicate on your end? As for the alerts, I am no developer but a mere customer so pardon my ignorance. Wouldn't the ability to tag a user be the same across the product? I assumed by tagging a user it includes the user ID/link which in turns notifies the other member... Then again when I say it like that I make it sound like it's as easy as 1-2-3.... If notifications are not applicable in this venue then what would the use be for the tagging system?

I ask this as my version of the resource manager is less for downloading of resources & more an article base. Sources & author mentioned would be a hard sought out feature for me. Then again, just the links are better than nothing but I don't have that either.

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It should probably do the linking, but alerting is not expected in resources.
Actually, it seems that most people expect an alert to be sent if they see this menu.


You see that menu as (1) linking to a profile and (2) alerting
Admins and Endusers overwhelmingly see it as (2) only. And I doubt that will change.

People also take Alerts seriously. When they alert someone, they expect that person to get it. It undermines confidence in the Alerting process when you felt you sent one ... but you learn it didn't get there.
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You're not wrong, though there are likely to always be situations where alerts aren't sent (such as editing).

I've made some changes to disable the alert popup in situations where it won't be used as an alert, though this does potentially prevent the auto-linking ability as well (though I agree this isn't a more minor usage). This includes places like conversations and resources.