XF 1.3 Unable To Set Header Background Image


I'm able to change the header background color, but, I'm unable to set a background image. Please check the screenshot and tell me whether I'm doing correct/not. (Color value cleared)

Image URL: /styles/MyCodePartner/background.jpg

Here are my other doubts:

  1. What is the minimum dimension needed for header background?
  2. Will it support all image formats?
  3. What are the recommended options to be set on "Repeat" and "Position"?

Please help.



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Ensure the URL is correct. Does the image physically exist at /styles/MyCodePartner/background.jpg?
Personally I use @imagePath/images/banner.png for the path on my site.

There is no minimum size required.
All formats are supported.
The repeat and position values are specific to how you want it to be displayed; I suspect "no-repeat" and "center-top" may be a good starting point.


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Inspecting the code shows you have background none transparent overriding the image you have set.
You may want to check with the style designer why this is happening.
There's another CSS property which is overriding the background image, use the "Search Templates" function and search for:

Find the declaration with "linear-gradient" and remove it. Go back to your Style Properties and also set the background to "repeat", assuming you want it spanning the entire header section as well.
Got reply from the theme developer.

He told me to remove all the background properties from the Extra.CSS

Search for #header in EXTRA.css and remove the background properties (css gradient, etc).
Anyway, thanks for the support!