RM 1.2 Unable to select category from Add Resource button


I have just bought and installed the latest version of resource manager on my Xenforo board. I have the latest version of Xenforo as well.

When I click the Add Resource button on the resource manager page on my forum it shows a list of categories that I can create the resource in but it won't let me select any of them. They appear to be greyed out. I've tried doing a forced refresh of the page with Ctrl+F5. I've asked my theme developer and they say it is not a problem with the theme so I'm kinda lost as to why I can't select a category to post a resource into it.

I have full admin permissions and moderator permissions on the forum in question. Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed?

Thanks for any help :).


Have you checked the allowed resource types for each category?

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I managed to fix it. Apparently it was a permission issue (stupid on my part). Thanks for the reply.

I'm slightly confused by the whole permission system. I went into the registered users permission group and set some permissions that I don't want them to have to never but then I couldn't select a category myself even though I am an admin. Do I then need to explicitly go into every permission group (admin and mods) that inherits from registered users and then manually set the permissions to allow rather than inherit if I want to do that?

Is there a tutorial on how to use permissions in Xenforo at all? I don't want to screw anything up.