Unable to Moderate as Administrator

I am thoroughly confused at this point.

The account I created when I installed xenForo (B6) does not seem to have the permission to do anything, other than post and, of course, access Admin Console and perform all admin functions in there. I have made it a moderator....so it is Super Admin, Admin, Super Mod, yet, I cannot edit any post other than my own, nor delete any other.

I see the Moderated Posts = 0 in upper left, but I had a post in moderation, and could not see it with the SAdm, Adm, SMod account, nor any thread tools (sticky, delete, etc...).

What the hay am I doing wrong here?

Tired...need sleep. Need help more...


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Jake Bunce

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Mod permissions can be granted with group or individual permissions. Try adding the moderator in your:

Admin CP -> Users -> Moderators -> Create New Moderator

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 1.24.01 AM.png
When I go there, it shows my account, BTBAdmin, as a Moderator already.

When click the username in there, BTBAdmin, it shows the following permissions:

I have added, deleted and readded again new users, and made them a moderator, to no avail.

According to this, I should have all permissions to perform moderation tasks on all forums within the board.

Something has me stymied with permissions here, and I do have ALOT of experience (8+ years) in board administration on various platforms. This is the first time, ever, I have been unable to figure this out. I know we'll get it solved, but for now it is driving me batty.



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Are you a member of any secondary groups and are any permissions set to Deny in those groups?

Deny overrides Allow.

BTBAdmin is a member of Administrators & Moderators. Both groups have ALLOW for all, with nothing set to DENY.

There are no custom permissions set at any user level.

This is what has me in such a quandary.


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Just took a quick look.

You have Deny set on some permissions for the Registered Users usergroup and that is one of the Secondary Usergroups you are a member of.

As I said above, a Deny overrides an Allow.

You need to remove those Deny settings or remove yourself from the usergroup.
Permissions are cumulative so just set them to Default for Registered Users.
Ugh, thanks. I'll dig into it. I do appreciate your looking at it. New software is always a trick getting used to the intricacies.
Got it now, and thanks Brogan. The permissions properties on xenForo are different than anything I have used in the past, but no worries, I think I go tit figured out now.

So, just to make sure I understand properly, One should really leave the permissions set at default for each usergroup, correct?
Well, I figured it was something odd like that, but now I GET IT. Between your guidance and the reference thread, I fully understand this now. Thanks again.

The Possum