XF 1.2 Unable to merge template from previous installation


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Have a weird issue going on. Before I upgraded, I completely uninstalled several add-ons that I knew had been rewritten for 1.2. After doing so, I upgraded to 1.2, and then installed the new versions. With one of the add-ons, i'm getting this weird problem of a template belonging to the previous install showing up as being outdated (the yellow warning on the main ACP screen). When I select merge, this is what the system tells me:

No previous version of the parent could be found. Merging is not possible.
Any suggestions?


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You will need to merge them by hand. The uninstallation and reinstallation process has changed the data structures so that merging is not possible. (Note that if you had kept them disabled and just upgraded them, it should have been fine.)


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If you have removed the Bookmarks add-on, just delete the template (red X).
I've reinstalled the new version of the Bookmarks add-on
Make a note of your customisations, revert the templates, then reapply your customisations manually.
That's why I uninstalled. The feature that I had added in via the customization is now included by default. So I don't even need it.

Since I can't merge it, should I try to revert it?


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If you have reverted the template in your style, it should match the master style template.

Or be removed if it doesn't exist in the master style.