Fixed  Unable to find all of a users posts via search


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When using the advanced search to try to find all posts (I was looking for all threads/topics though) by a user in a specific forum you will recieve an error.



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You can do this now. And you can even find threads by a particular member. :)

Click on search -> advance search -> upper right hand corner "Search Threads & Posts"


Question: After I have done a search, looked at the results, and click the Alt - left arrow to get back to the search page, the Username is blank and if a more refined search for the same member is desired the same username needs to be typed in.

Is there a reason for having the username be blank when backing back into the search page?


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It seems to be down to the browser as to whether that should stay filled in. It looks like it might be tied to allowing it to auto-complete. Unfortunately, that form of auto-complete interferes with the internal version, so I don't think there's much we can do about it.


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Thank you very very much for you answer. Now I can let our members know when they ask me.