XF 1.4 Possible to search all posts of a user with parameters?

I know it is possible just to display all posts of a user and then use "Find older messages" to navigate through the older ones, even if the results are limited to, for example, 250.

But "Find older messages" doesn't appear once you limit the search, like to a specific subforum.

So theoretically i'd just need "Find older messages" to appear even when using search parameters. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!
Use the main search and limit it to messages posted by a certain user.
Yes, as i said, it works as long as i don't limit the search to a subforum.
The search then just displays the first 250 posts (my set limit) without "Find older messages" appearing to browse the posts beyond that.

To demonstrate with an example:


Just searching for posts by CK-2587 displays the first 250 posts but allows me to "Find older messages" on the last result page. The same search limited to the "Star Wars Rollenspiel" forum (including subforms) also displays the first 250 posts but without "Find older messages", even if there are more, which is the case.
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