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XF 1.3 Unable to Connect to tcp://www.gravatar.com:80. Error #0: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo fail

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by NeoCHI, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. NeoCHI

    NeoCHI Active Member

    I'm getting tons of these server errors! About 1-3 a minute...

    Error Info:
    Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Exception: Unable to Connect to tcp://www.gravatar.com:80. Error #0: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution - library/Zend/Http/Client/Adapter/Socket.php:235
    Stack Trace:
    #0 /home/neochi/public_html/library/Zend/Http/Client.php(973): Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket->connect('www.gravatar.co...', 80, false)
    #1 /home/neochi/public_html/library/XenForo/Model/Avatar.php(457): Zend_Http_Client->request('HEAD')
    #2 /home/neochi/public_html/library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Register.php(219): XenForo_Model_Avatar::gravatarExists('juna_kyuubi@yah...')
    #3 /home/neochi/public_html/library/Tac/FoolBotHoneyPot/ControllerPublic/Register.php(751): XenForo_ControllerPublic_Register->actionRegister()
    #4 /home/neochi/public_html/library/XenForo/FrontController.php(347): Tac_FoolBotHoneyPot_ControllerPublic_Register->actionRegister()
    #5 /home/neochi/public_html/library/XenForo/FrontController.php(134): XenForo_FrontController->dispatch(Object(XenForo_RouteMatch))
    #6 /home/neochi/public_html/index.php(13): XenForo_FrontController->run()
    #7 {main}
    Request State:
    array(3) {
    ["url"] => string(40) "http://mydomain.com/register/register"
    ["_GET"] => array(0) {
    ["_POST"] => array(39) {
    ["username"] => string(6) "junavy"
    ["b96a853f739ae602e5"] => string(6) "junavy"
    ["1bee853f739ae60d01"] => string(0) ""
    ["15abd53f739ae602b0"] => string(0) ""
    ["e013053f739ae60bb6"] => string(0) ""
    ["675bc53f739ae6099d"] => string(0) ""
    ["67dba53f739ae60d6d"] => string(0) ""
    ["daa5053f739ae60aaa"] => string(0) ""
    ["email"] => string(23) "juna_kyuubi@yahoo.co.id"
    ["589ef53f739ae6074e"] => string(23) "juna_kyuubi@yahoo.co.id"
    ["e1dd353f739ae60060"] => string(0) ""
    ["d00a453f739ae60932"] => string(0) ""
    ["669bc53f739ae60968"] => string(9) "chibi1981"
    ["1548353f739ae60a74"] => string(9) "chibi1981"
    ["bc07753f739ae6085b"] => string(0) ""
    ["99bde53f739ae60b15"] => string(0) ""
    ["password"] => string(8) "********"
    ["password_confirm"] => string(8) "********"
    ["cdbb053f739ae60dd8"] => string(0) ""
    ["1f2fc53f739ae60c8e"] => string(0) ""
    ["dob_month"] => int(6)
    ["dob_day"] => int(1)
    ["dob_year"] => int(1981)
    ["6b4ae53f739ae60642"] => string(0) ""
    ["1c82253f739ae5ff89"] => string(0) ""
    ["880d753f739ae60c57"] => string(4) "male"
    ["55eaa53f739ae60ae0"] => string(0) ""
    ["gender"] => string(4) "male"
    ["custom_fields"] => array(1) {
    [1] => string(0) ""
    ["custom_fields_shown"] => array(1) {
    [0] => string(1) "1"
    ["4cea053f739ae6031b"] => string(12) "Asia/Bangkok"
    ["timezone"] => string(12) "Asia/Bangkok"
    ["463f153f739ae60891"] => string(14) "Pacific/Midway"
    ["4b0f653f739ae60bec"] => string(14) "Pacific/Midway"
    ["84e1553f739ae60386"] => string(14) "Pacific/Midway"
    ["hash"] => string(161) "4a254aea821be3244d7179d5c23e5a31|b5d44d462d7f1445ff1636fe84d3d940|http://back10.keycaptcha.com/swfs/ckc/ca2e8549973d7cb260f0fa5b654dda7a-|53f739ae755ee-.2.1.25|1"
    ["agree"] => string(1) "1"
    ["_xfToken"] => string(8) "********"
    ["reg_key"] => string(32) "8a7bf1f1b6663d720bb56733c99d72b9"

    It looks like my Tac_FoolBotHoneyPot addon is causing this issue, but why all of a sudden? It wasn't doing this before.
  2. Amaury

    Amaury Well-Known Member

    If it's being caused by the add-on, you should post in the dedicated add-on thread for help.
  3. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    This could just indicate a temporary issue with Gravatar and your server's connection to it. If it's on their end, you don't need to do anything. Alternatively, it could indicate that there's a firewall blocking outgoing connections and you would need to resolve that on your end (or disable it).
  4. NeoCHI

    NeoCHI Active Member

    I'm asking my hosting service to investigate but they want to know where the server error logs are coming from since they can't access my xenforo's admincp.
  5. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    It's just an exception log. The error here is really just from PHP though.
  6. NeoCHI

    NeoCHI Active Member

    How can they recreate the issue?
  7. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Well, looking at the error in more detail, it looks like a DNS issue ("Temporary failure in name resolution"). They can probably reproduce it with something like ping or cURL.
  8. NeoCHI

    NeoCHI Active Member

    My hosting company replied with:

    It seems like my server can connect to gravatar:80 but then what else can be causing this issue?
  9. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    When you are getting that error during the registration is when it needs to checked from SSH to see if the DNS is resolving properly. If it is an intermittent problem then just logging in and checking it wont' do that much good if it's not having a problem at that time.

    That's why it shows a TEMPORARY failure in name resolution. It's not typically something that is wrong with XenForo but something that is wrong with the network backbone of your hosting provider not being able to resolve the address.

    This is one of the reasons I've started turning Gravatar off on my sites.
  10. NeoCHI

    NeoCHI Active Member

    Huh...totally forgot I can just disable Gravatar....done.

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