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MattiGB submitted a new resource:

Ultimate Staff Page - Custom staff page to display your crew!

Now you can set your great staff page in few minutes. With this plugin you can:
  • set avatar for each member
  • set his/her group
  • set rounded or default avatars
  • add custom link to each member block
  • show groups separated in nice way
Plugin should work with all templates. Please contact us on our discord!

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adding other groups is just giving some admin and moderator .... I want to put collaborator..precise group permission?

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My menu collaborator does not appear

need help


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I like this add-on but i don't think I understand the functionality or purpose... is it to be used as a non-registered homepage?


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I use UI.X 2 and it wasn't rendering the user banner correctly if I was using custom CSS for the usergroup banner

i.e. this:

inside sf_usp_menu_list I had to change:

<div class="{$groups.banner_css_class} message-userBanner" dir="auto" itemprop="jobTitle">


<div class="userBanner {$groups.banner_css_class}" dir="auto" itemprop="jobTitle">

then it rendered fine.

Would be nice if the usernames were displayed with the custom usergroup "user name CSS" also.

Would be nice if this addon automatically populated the list of users based on which usergroups you selected, including avatar, link to profile, username css, etc...

Would be nice to list all the rank banner that each user has, below each avatar as well, would be cool.


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I wish this staff page would just grab user information rather than having to manually do/adjust everything.