XF 1.5 Typographically correct apostrophes, quotation marks, ellipses, etc.


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This is a question, but feel free to move it to suggestions if it's more appropriate there.

I'm a typographical purist, when possible, so it's always slightly annoying to me to see text set in an attractive, proportional typeface but that uses the standard, straight "typewriter" symbols for apostrophes and quotation marks.

"Here is a sentence with the default quotation marks."

“Here is a sentence with typographically correct quotation marks.”

Here's a sentence with a standard apostrophe.

Here’s a sentence with a typographically correct apostrophe.

Here’s a sentence...with three “dots” as an ellipsis.

Here’s a sentence…with a true ellipsis.

While I'm not sure it would be possible to get xenforo automatically to convert three dots to an ellipsis, would it be possible to have xenforo use the typographically correct apostrophe and quotation marks—similar to the way Microsoft Word pulls that off, automatically, as the user is typing?

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