1. kylerc

    Browser issue XF1 Text Selection issue in iOS 12 Safari

    I'm not sure if this happened before iOS12, but in iOS12.0 on an iPhone XS Max (guessing others would also reproduce the issue) using XF1.5.22 there seems to be an issue with text selection while posting replies. The video below demonstrates the issue, but essentially you are unable to move the...
  2. R

    How can I add a custom autocomplete list to redactor?

    Hello, I would like to add a custom autocomplete list to redactor. Currently there are two autocomplete lists in action. If you type @ followed by some characters a list of user suggestions appears If you type # followed by some characters a list of tag suggestions appears Now I would like to...
  3. Lamp

    Unmaintained How to add webfonts to your XenForo forum so that they work in the text editor

    There is an issue with the Redactor rich text editor used for editing posts. Webfonts linked in the XenForo site don't work in it. The problem is because it uses an iFrame, which is a separate environment and doesn't have access to the loaded webfonts in the main frame. The solution to this is...
  4. Freelancer

    Won't fix Security Error through editor while switching Rich Text to BBCode

    Some add-ons utilize the Redactor Editor in the ACP. The following setting produces the infamous security error ("Security Error – hit back, refresh page" etc) Login to the front end as some test user* New browser tab, login to the ACP as admin* Visit add-on page with redactor text editor Click...
  5. austinv900

    XF 1.5 Issues with xenforo message box

    Can't reproduce. Has anyone had an issue with the message box not showing when trying to make or reply to a thread or anywhere really. i would like to think i dont have anything that might be causing it besides maybe cloudflares caching feature. Addons Digital Point Syntax Highlighter 1.3.0...
  6. le-melvin

    XF 1.5 HELP PUBLISHED Redactor toolbar

    Hello I am looking to change redactor_toolbar URL. I explain that the bbcode [URL = http: // [/ URL] I voudre deven that adds another example automatically bbcode ( [/ URL] [/ b] thank you for your help cordially Melvin - Sorry tradusion with Google Bonjour je...
  7. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Enabling to paste file attachments into the redactor without extra text content

    As a bug was reported for XF 1.5.5 (which is now resolved with 1.5.5a) in this thread, I would suggest to adopt the current behavior to be able to paste file attachments into the redactor text input (everything non-picture like PDFs for example), so it allows you to reply to a thread without...
  8. S

    The perils of Redactor button initialization in JS

    $(document).on('EditorInit', function (event, ed) { // redactor === undefined var redactor = ed.$'redactor'); setTimeout(function () { // redactor instance is finally here redactor = ed.$'redactor'); console.debug('redactor instance')...
  9. Lukas W.

    Duplicate Redactor Update

    XenForo is currently running a modified version 8.2.6 of Redactor. The current version however is 10.2.3 and Redactor had tons of improvements and bugfixes since. Is there any chance we're going to see an update of the integrated Redator with XenForo 2.0?
  10. The Dark Wizard

    Not planned Latest Version of Redactor

    Highly interested in the latest version, with the tables button and other neat features that Redactor might have. This suggestion is for the next version of xF or 2.0, which ever comes first :D!
  11. Lukas W.

    Run Function after Redactor is built

    I need to run a function everytime a redactor editor is built. It needs to be executed after the editor built is finished, so I can't hook into the editor setup unfortunately. Anyone got an idea on how to do that?
  12. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Typographically correct apostrophes, quotation marks, ellipses, etc.

    This is a question, but feel free to move it to suggestions if it's more appropriate there. I'm a typographical purist, when possible, so it's always slightly annoying to me to see text set in an attractive, proportional typeface but that uses the standard, straight "typewriter" symbols for...
  13. Alpha1

    Allow us to add buttons to the redactor 'insert' dropdown

    I see that addon developers have difficulty to add buttons to the 'insert' redactor dropdown. Developers need to add buttons to the main redactor bar, which clutters the bar over multiple lines with both essential as non-essential (but still handy) buttons. I am not sure if that's why @Chris...
  14. Lukas W.

    Extend Redactors 'Insert' Dropdown

    Any chance of extending the dropdown shown above? I've tried to map some code examples from around to solve the problem, but the closest I got was positioning the button next to the 'Insert' button.
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