Browser issue typing in password issue on mobile

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Formerly EvilSS
Sorry, i have no idea what this is called, mobile cursor or something. Anyway, when typing in my password on XF2, the typing line displays below where you're typing.
Password only, typing in your username seems fine. Sorry if this has already been reported.


Chris D

XenForo developer
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Its a long standing iOS bug though I believe they have it fixed for an as yet unannounced iOS update.


Formerly EvilSS
No worries mate thanks. Ipad works fine in safari and FF, just not iphone. XF1 no issues Cheers.
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Formerly EvilSS
good to know thanks. Im using iphone 7 plus, iSO 11.2.5. i still have the issue, no updates yet. all ipads are fine, old and new. Just issues with iphones 5S, 6, 7. I have zero issues on XF1 with any of my devices. Cheers.