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I ran into a serious problem that I can't solve.
The links to the posts in my forum in the mobile view are not accurate and they always lead either to the first post (message) on the page or to the middle post, and not to the linked post.
My system language is RTL. Indeed, when I change the language to LTR, the problem disappears and the links appear correctly.
It should be noted that if I change the original English language to RTL the problem will show up
So it's not related to any problem with my language file
I would appreciate a solution
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The problem is in the editor:81 file, inside the Editor.startInit method, in this line this.$target.css('visibility', '');.
When the script calls the Jquery.css method, the page will scroll up.
This only happens in the RTL view, but it also happens if you call without applying a style, for example this.$target.css("color")
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