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Twitter search widget 1.0

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The twitter widget won't display in iOS, any idea if there's a workaround?

(Tested on your example as well)

Edit: sorry it does load but takes quite a long time
Tip: For those wanting to change the color or size of the Twitter search ....

AdminCP >> BBCode Manager >> Twitter (off to the right hover over controls, click on edit and then change your choices within "Simple Replacement End"

For example: You'll notice width='auto' and you can change that to width='400' to make it a fixed size.
Would you mind posting an example that you got working as still having problems.

Previously it just displayed the bbcode, now it displays a blank post.
I got it working on a test site that I'm using. Didn't do anything special really, just followed the instructions.

But, interestingly enough, I just tried it on another site and there is an add-on conflicting with it. But, it was a custom one so not sure what may be causing your issues.

I'd suggest going through your add-ons and disable them one by one and then try and refresh the screen after each disable to see which one is causing you the issues.
I've got it working now but there's an annoying bug when you go to edit a thread containing it. I wondered whether you got the same? (it'll be obvious if you have when you try, it doesn't load properly)
Which add-on was conflicting with it?

Yes, I noticed the annoying bug. If you edit it, the Twitter search widget becomes the entire screen and you have to refresh.

Won't be too bad for me since I'll be the only one using that bbcode. But still annoying nonetheless. Please share if you get that fixed and I'll do the same if I find a workaround/fix.
Nothing seemed to be conflicting, I uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked. It might be I messed something up when editing the style.
When trying to import new BBcode with BBcode manager
system returns an error : Please enter a value using 250 caracters maximum. (approximate translation as i am not using an English setup)
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