Twitter connected account missing email

Mr. Jinx

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When you signup with a Twitter connected account, the email address is not taken over from Twitter.
The user needs to fill in the email address, which also might need confirmation.
This makes the Twitter connected account a bit pointless if you ask me.
As far as I know, the Twitter API supports getting the email, just like facebook/google/microsoft connected accounts.
It does and we should be able to receive the email address but it is an additional option in the Twitter dev app itself that you have to apply to Twitter for. If I’m remembering correctly.
That's what I thought, so I checked again.
Everything seems fine, but it won't take the email address when you register:



This is the twitter account, which also show it should have email access:
To be honest, it looks like we simply never request the email address because it requires passing something explicit into the verify_credentials.json endpoint.

I'll do some testing and report back.
@Chris D, did you ever look into this? I've upgraded to the latest version of XF and I'm still having this issue too. I do have the option set to request email from users in my Twitter App.
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