Twitter and Google Integration

Jericho M

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I am looking for the tutorial on how to integrate Twitter and Google+ at the help section of XenForo but the only available is for Facebook integration. Can you give me a link for Twitter and Google+ integration?



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I need help creating apps... just not working out.
what entries are you providing for XenForo to get Twitter and Google Integration respectively to function? creation process. I dont need a post-stable release.


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lets start with Twitter integration. Twitter integration on my site lists my account as 'unknown account' with no linkback. XenForo twitter integration lists my twitter account as expected.
otherwise, eveything works as expected.
That usually means that your board URL (as defined in Admin CP > Options > Basic Board Information) doesn't match the URLs you're instructed to enter here:

6. Select "Web application" and enter your URL into both callback fields and click "Create".
I have the same problem and have checked the URL's and they match.
Any other ideas why this could not work?

How do I have to enter it into the Google website?

My board URL is
But the Javascript origin only accepts and the Authorized redirect then accepts