XF 1.2 Trying to create new style

Hi I am trying to create new style. I am good in HTML CSS, so no issues about programming. Even i have experience in wordpress theme development.

Now in xenforo,

Is there any step by step tutorial how to create a new style.

i tried to create a new style in admin section. Eventhough style is created no files or folder is created under styles folder.

So how can intergrate my own images and icons in the style i am creating. Looks like even if i created a new style it is still using the images from the default style folder.

I tried using free style from resources, it has separate file and folders for that style and an xml file

In wordpress, i used copy and existing theme and develop based on it.

can anybody help or guide



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Once you have created the new style, you need to set the "Path to Images" in Style Properties -> Settings.
Something like styles/my_style

Then create the directory on your server corresponding to that path, in the /styles directory.

Copy and paste all of the files and directories from the /default style directory into your new style directory.

Then you can customise the images in your new style directory.

Steve F

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Style Properties -> General -> Settings -> Path to Images

Define your path there but just remember XenForo uses "@imagePath/xenforo/" as its base so you need to keep that structure when creating your folders.

So basically you want your folders to look like: styles/YOUR-STYLE/xenforo/ ~ image folders

I usually just copy the default style folder and rename it to my style name and inside "xenforo" folder make a "sources" folder for my custom images.