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Trying to change the Size of "postbit?"


Formerly Wuebit
Am trying to mod up the "postbit" (not sure what its called for XF) i cant seem to find and resizing options in the admin or the template​
resize.jpg Thicker and the use of bigger avys​
Is there a easy way to find template names so i dont have to ask alot?​


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Well the thread_view template is the main template and if you open it in the ACP you will see all the other templates it pulls from - there should several rows of tabs, the message template being one of them.
Which in turn includes the message_user_info template, which is the one you need :)

If you use Firefox and Firebug you can use that to inspect a specific element on the page and again just look for the class which will denote the template.