Trouble importing from vB3.7

So I just installed xF on a new server and I'm trying to import in my vB database from another, the sql information I entered is correct but when I hit Validate Configuration it hangs for about a minute and I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

Anyone have any ideas on where I should start troubleshooting? My new host is GoDaddy.


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Can I assume you checked for things like:
Correct attachments directory (if applicable)
Correct avatars directory (if applicable)
All privileges are set for the database user you supplied credentials for, for the xf database you are importing into?

That is all I can think of at this time.
Yes, after an hour of searching for similar issues and trouble shooting I am still at a loss. Is this something I should contact my web host about?

Jake Bunce

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So I just installed xF on a new server and I'm trying to import in my vB database from another
Two different servers? Most MySQL servers don't allow remote connections. You will probably need to copy the vB database over to the new server before you can run the import.


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If possible, yes your host would be the one to contact.

Have you used this host before for a forum? For communication purposes you could tell them it is a vbulletin type of forum, I seriously doubt the general tech help person at GD will have heard of xf.

edit: good catch Jake, yes everything needs to be on the same server.
Thanks, at least that put me on the right track but now I'm at another dead end. Every time I try to import my old db file into a db on my new server I get:

MySQL said:

#2006 - MySQL server has gone away
I've got "Character Set" set to utf8
"Partial Import" checked and "Number of records(queries) to skip from start" set to 1
and SQL compatibility mode set to MYSQL4


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I"m not sure what you mean about "Partial Import" checked? And please note that UTF8 is what xf utilizes so no need to specify it. These are the questions xf B5 asks when I run the importer:
MySQL Server: localhost
MySQL Port: 3306
MySQL User name: <mysql user name typed here>
MySQL Password: <my usernames mysql password>
MySQL Database Name: <name of database being imported>
Table Prefix: <I leave this blank>
Force Character Set: <I leave this blank>