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Trophy icons wanted



If trophy points is < 5, show silver, else if < 100 show gold, else show platinum. ^_^
now that would spice things up a bit with some template conditionals. :p


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I really need to design some trophy icons. I can't promise anything but I'll give this a go sometime during the week if nobody takes this one up as xenforo is in need of some trophy icons.

Any designers that want to take a stab at this request?


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Once Paul gets his trophies done, I'd be happy to give a little donation for someone to put together some trophies with a little remote or television theme to them :D


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Thanks Solozzo but I'm looking for something a bit more modern to fit in with the XenForo style.


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Not bad Solozzo. I would be nice if every level would have its own icon with the points printed on it. Of course this would require a psd file for customization.


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That's OK, it's still not what I'm looking for.
I know, I'm picky :D

FWIW, I'm currently using this trophy.png

It just doesn't seem to fit the XenForo look though...


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It was actually just a single image as there is currently no way to assign different images to different trophy awards.

I think I'm going to go a different route with this though; I'm going to use my site logo rather then a generic trophy icon.