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XF 1.5 Transfering mysql database to new host

Hi. I've decided to switch my webhost since they don't seem to care enough about helping us so i was wondering, how would i do when transfering to my new host? i've downloaded the database file, do i just import it to the new database?


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SSH access is available on at least some sharesd server webhosting, I had it when I was with Dreamhost.

It may be worth asking your new web host if they can transferred the database for you. I use Nimbus Hosting who provided this service for me for free. I could have done it myself but I took up the offer as it costs nothing and saved me the hassle. :)
I want my host to be within Sweden. I spoke to the new host today, they said its not possible with shared but with a VPS, so, there is no way for me to transfer if i use Shared?


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You can try using phpMyAdmin to export/import but it may not work - the size of the database can be a factor.