Top 10 reasons you know you spend too much time here


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10. your wife asks how was supper and you reply xensational.
9. you begin confession with: 'forgive me Father, for I have xenned'.
8. the letter 'd' falls off your Ford logo, and without second thought you replace it with the letter 'o'.
7. you know the first and last names of all the xenForo developers. :p
6. your new favorite sports team is the Xencinatti Reds.
5. you wake up in a sweat and think: xenopause.
4. one of your co-workers snaps at you: 'it's Red Bull, not Xen Bull, RED BULL!'.
3. you tear off the large S from the chest of your blue tights and replace it with a large X.
2. you have xenophobia-not the fear of strangers, but the fear of being away from your favorite site.

and finally...

xen-roll please...

1. you look at the birth certificate and wince everytime your wife calls your new baby girl Jennifer.

1.1 I didn't need to explain number 1 to you, :p


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Why would an obsession for a site cause us to use an X everywhere? ;)

I also knew developer names before I heard of xf.... might be leftovers from a previous "spent too much time" issue ;)


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You sleep for a long time, and your first thought that occurs to you is that there is going to be a lot of posts to catch up on.

... not that that happened to me today... :rolleyes:


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You constantly look around on every forum you visit for the "like" button. (I always do)