XF 1.4 Toolbar issue


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Hello people,

I am having bit of problem getting this right and I wondered if any of you had done this and came across the same problem and knew how to fix it?

I have moved the toolbar to the bottom the window and after a bit of messing about, I've got everything just how I want it, apart from one problem....

When you get the bottom and the scroll kicks in, the bottom padding that I have around the content stays below the top of the toolbar, which then leaves the last text line sitting just above the toolbar.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 23.19.32.jpg Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 23.19.46.jpg

I've tried adding more padding and/or a margin, but it just remains the same, with the last line "sitting" on top of the toolbar.

I've tried a few other things as well, but I can't seem to hit it home

Have any of you done this and had success? I would appreciate knowing how to get this last bit right if anyone does know :)

Please and thank you


I fixed this issue. So annoying, you mess about for hours with no joy, so you ask for help. 20 minutes later, you sort it out and realize that your problem was an easy fix anyway lmao.

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