XF 1.4 Too many styles?

Is it possible to have too many styles?

I admin a very large forum (22M posts, 300+ forums), and one of the complaints we've had since our migration to Xenforo is that the individual forums don't have their own styles anymore. I'm thinking about importing all of the old styles we used to have, but there are a lot of them. Our site is about 17 years old, and there are probably close to 900 individual styles.

These would all be children of our main style, the only differences being the graphics used and some basic CSS. But I'm curious if there would be any sort of performance issues with having that many styles imported. Thoughts?
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Steve F

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900 might be pushing it a little bit, maybe try 850 first :p

Joking aside, the slow downs occur when installing add-ons, making template changes or anything that triggers a template rebuild. We have had 20 or so styles on our dev board and it really slows down making changes to the parent of the 20 styles and installing add-ons takes a good amount of time. Of course server setup can play a role in all that but 900 would be out of the question.
Actually, the reason we abandoned individual styles a few years ago with XF 1.1 was due to some crashes that happened when admins were making style tweaks. That was on a much smaller test board, but we probably had 10 or so custom styles loaded and 5-10 add-ons. I was hoping things might be a little better in 1.4.


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If it's just some basic CSS changing, you can probably do that more easily by targeting the forums in question based on selector. From this page:
<body class="node25 node22">
Each of those comes from the node we're in or a parent. You could override CSS and scope selectors based on that.
That's a much better method! Now, if only I could convince someone to build an add-on that could make that into a drop-down option under the forum options.